Best Backpacking Trails in Colorado

What’s the best way to explore Colorado than with a backpacking trip across the state? Colorado is a paradise for hikers with hidden overnight treks, astonishing trails, and stunning nature and landscapes. Whether you are looking for a day with your partner or friends, or a longer hike on your own, Colorado is covered in scenic hikes, from East to West, North to South. The most common season for hiking is summer, without a doubt, and the most popular trails are usually quite busy during this period. But don’t let the traffic deter you from visiting the fantastic trails. Today, we are featuring a range of amazing trails across the state. Prepare your backpack and start an adventure on your own! Remember, having the right gear for ultralight backpacking is crucial in getting the most out of your hiking or touring trip.

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Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide Trail is the spine of the United States. It travels South to North, or vice versa, and you’ll get the chance to climb across the tallest peaks. It was established in 1978 and it covers around 3,100 miles, passing a surface from Mexico to Canada, and occupying 5 states. The average hike to pass this whole trail would be 6 months, considering if you hike 17 miles per day. The site is geological due to its historic ruins, like the Hanock Ghost town, and there are certainly some of the best routes to take. Whether you’ll hike at the lowest point near Waterton Lake in Montana, or go 10,000 feet above, it is a great adventure you’ll never forget.

Chicago Basin - Weminuche Wilderness

If you are the type of person who loves all the wilderness stuff, this route is designed for you. The Chicago Basin route combines a trip on the Durango train and it’s called the backpacking train because it allows you to backpack from the train and head out to Silverton. A lot of overnight hikers camp in the basin as it provides simple access to the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad and Eouls, Wisdom, and Sunlight peaks which are the wonders of nature.

Lost Creek Wilderness Loop

The Lost Creek Wilderness Loop is like a barren alpine desert with a high-elevation basin surrounding it. If you drive into the magnificent landscapes of the creek, you’ll come around rock formations and myriad rolling mountains forests. It is truly a magical place that requires a couple of days from your precious time. Lost Creek is situated close to Fairplay, so you’ll begin your trail from Goose Creek Trail and head out to the Mosquito Range and Collegiate Peaks. And since it’s a loop, you get to choose whether you go to the Goose Creek drainage or make a turn to the McCurdy Park cutoff.

Sand Ramp Trail

If you want to see the tallest dunes in the USA, head out to the Sand Ramp trail in southern Colorado. This is one of the popular ones because it is the home to many campsites and a creek along the dunes. The dunes provide a contrast to the surroundings with meadows and mountains, so you’ll get the chance to enjoy this beauty from the bottom of your lungs. The route is 11 miles long, so you’ll have enough surface to explore.

Blue Lakes Trail

The Blue Lakes trail takes you on a backpacking trip across the San Juan Wilderness, to high alpine lakes that are just breathtaking. Every next lake is more beautiful than the last one. So, if you are looking to embark on a less strenuous trip, this is the right location for you, outside of Telluride. The campsite offers a nice spot for camping if you go on a multi-day trek. And across half a mile in the middle lake, there is another scenic landscape with a profusion of wildflowers and amazing alpine views.

Conundrum Hot Springs

The Conundrum Hot Springs is located 15 minutes from Aspen. The route is a two-day trek that takes you to breathtaking views of sprawling meadows, evergreen forests, and gorgeous terrain with rugged peaks. The Conundrum is well preserved and ends up with pools at the Peak Valley. It is a paradise on Earth because your muscles will be grateful to you after unwinding in 102-degree water. And more importantly, after a long day of hiking, the pools are the best celebration for a successful day of hitting the trails. 18 campsites surround the springs, so make yourself comfortable in one of them. Make sure you get there early since it can be a bit crowded in the summer period.

The Devil’s Thumb

The Devil’s Thumb is an exciting route and one of the most popular ones among hikers. It goes through the Indian Peaks Wilderness and is rich in endless views above the treeline. If you want to enjoy a stop with a beer or a snack, this is the perfect temporary shelter for a relaxing time or protection from sudden thunderstorms.

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